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Best known for: Sensors! Proximity, photoelectric, ultrasonic… you name it.
Our favorite product: Customers love the VDM distance measurement sensors.
Fun fact: Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs invented the proximity switch!
Newest product release: R100 Series
Warranty: One year
  • General purpose
    • Great for fast, non-contact detection
    • Through-beam, retro-reflective and diffuse mode
  • Slot sensors
    • Detects tiny objects from long distances
    • Frequently used to detect objects on vibrating and oscillating conveyors
    • Slot grid sensors can handle counting and monitoring tasks
      • Detecting non-guided objects in free fall
      • Contrast and color sensors
        • Reliably detect print and color marks
      • Distance sensors
        • Use for measuring and positioning takes
        • Operates using laser triangulation and an analog output
        • VDM sensors use pulse ranging technology (PRT)
          • Long sensing ranges
          • Extremely accurate measurement results
      • Luminescence Sensors DK50-UV series
        • Simple and reliable way to check materials that blend into a background or are invisible
        • Detects ink, pigment, dye, coating and adhesives… even on irregular backgrounds!
      • Safety sensors
        • If your machines perform high-risk movements many regulations must be observed
      • Light grids
        • Ideal for monitoring wider areas
        • Easier to mount, install and align than multiple photoelectric sensors
        • Fiber optic sensors
          • Ideal when direct mounting of sensors is not possible due to space, temperature, etc.
          • Small fiber optic beams are great for detecting tiny objects
        • Specialty sensors
          • Pepperl+Fuchs has a number of industry specific devices
          • Contact us to learn more!
  • Search all of our Pepperl+Fuchs ultrasonic sensors
  • Diffuse and retroreflective mode
    • Diffuse mode is most popular, transducer is used as both emitter and receiver (same housing)
    • Can be converted to retroreflective using software parameters
    • Through-beam
      • Extremely powerful acoustic beam
      • Large detection range, compact housing
      • Do not continuously switch between transmission and reception modes
      • Considerable faster, high switching frequencies
    • Double sheet sensors
      • Optimized for sheet feed applications, including double sheet and splice detection as well as label counting
      • Can find empty gaps, one and two layers of material
  • Inductive sensors (used to detect the position of metal objects)
    • Round, slot, square/flatpack, ring
    • 3mm to 30mm diameter
    • Plastic, brass, stainless steel, high-grade steel
  • Capacitive sensors (ideal for liquid level detection, can detect metallic and non-metallic targets)
    • Round or rectangular
    • 3 or 4-wire
    • AC or DC
  • Magnetic field sensors
    • Round or rectangular
    • 2, 3 or 4-wire
    • Stainless steel or plastic
  • Inclination sensors -F99 series
    • Angle feedback for motion control or to detect critical tilt position limits
  • Acceleration sensors
    • Designed for wind power plants to monitor machine vibration
    • Easy to program and very accurate
    • Feedback helps predict machine component wear or unsafe load conditions
  • Isolated Barriers
    • K-System
    • H-System
  • Zener Barriers
    • Modules
    • Accessories
  • K-System
  • SC-System
  • Type X purge system
  • Type Y purge system
  • Type Z purge system
  • Ex px purge system
  • EX pz purge system
  • Enciro-Line pressurization system
  • Vision sensors
  • Light section sensors
  • Vision systems
  • Limit detection
  • Continuous measurement
  • Interface electronics
  • Absolute rotary encoder
  • Incremental rotary encoder
  • Cable pulls
  • PMI - inductive position measuring system
    • High precision detecting of linear movements and rotations
    • Configurable outputs and data interfaces
  • Distance sensors
    • Pulse ranging technology (PRT)
  • WCS - position encoding system
  • PCV - data matrix positioning
  • PGV - position guided vision
  • PHA - precision positioning
  • PAX - electronic CAM-switch controller
  • Devices for signal line protection, supply line protection, Field bus and wireless solutions
  • Gateways
  • Adapters
  • Temperature Converters
  • 3-D Simulation
  • RFID
  • Optical identification
  • Master+Gateways
  • AS-Interface Safety at Work
  • Sensors + rotary encoders

Pepperl & Fuchs
Pepperl+Fuchs was founded in 1945 as a small radio workshop in Germany by Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs.

They eventually invented the proximity switch!

The U.S headquarters was incorporated in 1983 and is located in Twinsburg, Ohio.
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